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Questions & Answers

About JustBands

What is JustBands?

JustBands is a free band-and-musician-finding platform with patented "No-Bullshit-Guarantee". We from JustBands have only one job: to bring bands and musicians together.

How does JustBands work?

JustBands basically works like a job-board for bands and musicians.
Bands that need another musician can place a new entry.
Musicians who would like to play in a band can apply for the free position.

Is JustBands really free?

Yes, and it always will be.

How does JustBands make money?

Not at all. We are doing this just because. However, if you want to support JustBands and if you’d like us to develop cool new projects, we would appreciate a little donation.

Why should i use JustBands?

Bob is a guitarist searching for a band. Bob just loves blinking ads and pop-ups all over his screen. Also, Bob is really into sign-up-forms that are as long as his tax return, and he likes it when he has to sign up before he is able to see any content. For Bob, the best possible band-search is one, that is stuffed with unsorted, outdated entries. Bob doesn’t like JustBands at all. But lucky for him, there are hundreds of other band-search sites, that are just perfect for a guy like him.


Who made JustBands?

Sebastian Pöll and Benjamin Wendtner.
We’re just two simple guys from Linz, Austria.

We’d like to thank INFOUND, for developing the awesome new design totally free of charge.

Why did you make this site?

Because we didn’t like the idea of living in the so-called "information age" without any decent band-search website.

I love JustBands! How can I support you?

Thank you for asking! At this time, you can support us the most by spreading the word. Show us to your friends. Introduce us to your parents. Share us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! Especially at the start of this project, we depend on our community to help us out. And of course we’d really appreciate a little donation.

What are you developing next?

We just launched JustBands in february 2014. At the moment, we are busy hunting down the last known bugs and implementing some ideas of our brave beta testers. Furthermore we are looking forward to adding more languages (we already have translators for Czech and Japanese), implementing an audiofile upload and maybe a printable pdf-version for entries.

My Entry

How can I place an Entry?

It’s pretty simple: Just click the "Create an Entry" button at the top of the page. Then fill out the form. It won’t take long, we promise.

How can someone find my Entry?

Everyone can view your Entry via the search. If you were looking for a metal guitarist, everyone who is a metal guitarist will see your Entry.

Can I bring my Entry back to the top?

Yes, by keeping it up-to-date. Entries are sorted by location and date.

Can I put contact information in my Entry?

Yes, of course. Be aware however, that the description text is visible to anyone. You should never give away sensible personal data in your description text. Remember that other users can always contact you via our contact form, without actually seeing your e-mail address.

Quality measures

What does JustBands do for quality?

Our automatic subject-generation-system keeps the Entries readable. Also, if an Entry is older than a month, we contact it’s creator and ask, if it is still up-to date. If not, we delete it.

How much Spam are you going to send me?

None. We hate Spam just as much as you do. We will only contact you, when it is important to you (for example, when someone wants to join your band), or if we have any cool JustBands-related news. We won’t send no advertising for no bullshit.

Privacy Policy

What happens to my data?

We don’t collect personal data about you, and we will never give your e-mail address away to anyone. Oh, and we use Google Analytics.

Who can see my e-mail address?

When you contact a band, they’ll see your e-mail address, so that they can write back. No one else ever get’s to see your e-mail address.

Other Questions

I’m looking for a rehearsal room...

Take a look at - A good realty estate platform, one of us helped to develop. It also has rehearsal rooms.